Committees and Plenaries


How we work

IDV members meet in work groups, also known as committees, that have the purpose of addressing company needs, suggesting improvements in public policies and general procedures, and in plenary assemblies.

Committees – IDV currently has 13 active committees, including 11 strategic committees (Education, Expansion,, Logistics, Political, Consumer Relations, Safety, Financial Services, and Consumer Credit, Sustainability, Labor, and Tax) and two temporary ones (Antidumping and Clothing textile)

The topics covered by these committees are defined by members, and the core needs are experienced by them in their everyday lives in companies. However, they always consider matters in a collective spirit, according to the level of importance of each topic. Before becoming committees, topics need to be approved by the IDV Board.

Plenaries – The results and progress generated by these committees are presented at the plenary assemblies. The committees include legal and operational representatives.

Plenaries are another moment for integration between members. They take place monthly and gather IDV members in meetings held in the capital of São Paulo. Representatives from all of the IDV member countries are invited to participate and in most cases, there are personalities or authorities – political or not – present contributing to IDV’s legacy.

Since 2004, when IDV was created, high profile national figures have already participated in plenaries, such as President Dilma Roussef, Vice-President Michel Temer, who, at the time of the meeting, was President of the Chamber of Deputies, Ministers such as Miguel Jorge and Fernando Pimentel, who were Ministers of Development, Industry, and Commerce during different terms; Guido Mantega, from the Ministry of Finance, and Carlos Lupi, from the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The Governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin; and his Vice-Governor, Afif Domingos, Chief Minister of the Micro and Small Companies Ministry were also present; the former Governor of the State of Pernambuco, Eduardo Campos; and Presidents from important entities, such as Henrique Meirelles, from the Central Bank, Armando Monteiro, from CNI (National Confederation of Industry), Paulo Skaf, President of Fiesp (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo), and Jackson Schneider, from Anfavea (National Association of Automotive Manufacturers) also participated in the meetings. Former President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva welcomed IDV representatives at a meeting in Brasília. Dilma Roussef, participated in the plenary session, and also welcomed retailers for dinner in Brasília.


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