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Who we are

The Brazilian Retail Development Institute (Instituto para Desenvolvimento do Varejo – IDV) represents 64 retail companies from different sectors, including food, household appliances, furniture, home appliances, hygiene and cleaning products, cosmetics, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and footwear. IDV´s main purpose throughout Brazil is contributing to sustainable development of the national economy, as well as ethical and legal retail development.

Entrepreneurs and CEO’s in some of the largest companies in the sector, created IDV in 2004 to strengthen sector representation in policy making and promote the interests of national retail.
Although retail generates the greatest amount of jobs in Brazil, it lacks direct representation among strategic stakeholders. The idea is to develop an effective national advocacy for retail, contributing to sustainable growth in the Brazilian economy.

The Department of Commerce and Services was created in 2005, within the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, due to successful efforts from the retail sector.
Guided by principles of ethics and social responsibility, IDV chose to promote formal employment opportunities, pro-actively combating informality as a priority for development, increasing direct and indirect employment opportunities in the sector.
IDV has also developed studies and proposals that leverage efficiency in retail operations, optimizing resources and encouraging new investments. Through information and experience exchanges, these studies are sent to authorities and representative entities, establishing a permanent channel for discussion between retailers, suppliers, and regulators.


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